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World's First Long Distance NDI Test

Today, the world of broadcast IP Video got a little smaller, as we witnessed the future of global broadcast video collaboration via IP Video.

In a test of the new NDI.Cloud video service, a feed from an NDICam camera in London was offered to an NDI.Cloud wide area network group including distributor TechTel in Singapore, currently exhibiting at Broadcast Asia, booth 5J3-03.  The NDICam source instantly appeared inside a TriCaster in Singapore, and was selected on the Program Bus.  Simultanously, in London, the outputs of the Singapore TriCaster appeared in NDI Monitor, and a mix minus confidence feed was returned to London. Total round trip latency was under half a second, running over the public internet.
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NDI.Cloud uses high quality compression and advanced WAN acceleration technologies to bridge between NDI facilities over long distance, moderate bandwidth connections. Adding tools like NewTek's NDI Connect, this global IP video WAN can also include SMPTE 2022 and other IP Video protocols. 

NDI.Cloud will be launched later this summer.

For more information, visit Techtel at Broadcast Asia or