NDI Outlet Multi


NDI Output Multiple NDI to SDI/HDMI


NDI Outlet Multi allows you to output NDI or NDI HX IP Video streams to SDI and HDMI through your BlackMagic Design video interface, using as many channels as are supported by your interface, up to a maximum of 8 channels.


Channels automatically reconnect when the app launches, and when NDI sources come and go on the network, allowing NDI Outlet Multi to form an appliance type interface for up to 8 channels of NDI to SDI conversion. Partner with NDI Source Multi for an unbeatable SDI to NDI to SDI multichannel workflow on your local area network.


NDI Outlet Multi includes embedded NDI HX support so no HX driver installation is required.


NDI Outlet Multi is compatible with all BMD Video devices and the number of simultaneous outputs is defined by the hardware. For example the DeckLink Duo 2 card offers 4 simultaneous outputs up to 1080 and the DeckLink Quad 2 or 8kPro offers up to 8 channels up to 12G SDI each.  For a single channel NDI to SDI Output you can use the regular version of NDI Outlet which also supports fill and key output along with the ability to rotate the image for applications such as portrait HD video.


The Ubuntu version features support for automatic selection of output SDI format, support for outputting timecode and a remote web interface.

macOS Version

Up To 8 Channels Supported with Appropriate BMD Hardware

Ubuntu Version

Example Workflow: NDI Outlet Multi With NDI Cameras, DeckLink Duo2 and Atem Switcher

Example Workflow: NDI Outlet Multi With NDI Source Multi, DeckLink Duo2 and Atem Switcher