NDI Outlet




NDI Outlet for OSX allows you to output NDI or NDI HX IP Video streams to SDI and HDMI through your BlackMagic Design video interface. Where the NDI Source contains Alpha and the BMD device supports Fill and Key you will also be able to output fill and key.

The Rotate checkbox allows output of portrait format NDI via 16x9 SDI and HDMI to monitors mounted at 90 degrees.


If you are concerned about compatibility, try the test demo version of NDI Outlet, which allows testing, but inserts a watermark into the SDI stream as a demo limitation.


NDI Outlet includes embedded NDI HX support so no HX driver installation is required.


For a multichannel (up to 8 channels) version of NDI Outlet, take a look at NDI Outlet Multi



Download Test Demo

to check compatibility