iPhone Camera to NDI Streaming


This unique app turns your iPhone into a powerful network camera, using the NDI IP Video Protocol.


Simply launch the app and a new NDI service will be registered on your network.


Now you can select NDICam from any NDI compatible receiver, such as NewTek TriCaster Advanced edition and use the iPhone Camera as a network video source.



NDICam is low latency and high quality and offers a new class of camera to add to your production.


The new version adds control of the iPhone flashlight plus touch-to-focus/expose control and focus lock.


iPhones make great tools for self-shooting talking heads, close up and macro views of demonstrations and even great quality for wide and outdoor shots. You can even quickly switch between front and back cameras to interact with the perspective.


A good quality WIFI network is required for NDICam since NDI is a relatively high bandwidth stream.  Ensure good connectivity and eliminate WIFI interference for best results.