NDI|HX Support for App Store Apps



All apps distributed by Apple's App Store must adopt sandboxing security.  This mechanism is designed to isolate applications from one another for system stability and to protect users from viruses, trojans, and other malware.  However Sandboxing can introduce a number of limitations to applications, preventing them from performing operations which might seem harmless.



NewTek NDI|HX is an extension to NDI which adds support for a range of NDI|HX devices such as Connect Spark and PTZ Cameras from NewTek, PTZOptics and Panasonic. In order to connect to HX devices, the NDI Library must load the HX plug in - and in sandboxed applications, loading arbitrary plug ins are forbidden.  This means that when NDI attemtps to load the HX plug in, macOS will intervene and prevent this operation. The end result is that mac App store apps will not be able to see or access NDI|HX sources.


A Solution

Its possible that longer term our App Store apps may get special dispensation from Apple to access the HX plug in. For now, we have decided to publish a special version of NDI Monitor which is not sandboxed and *can* see the NDI|HX Sources.  This version of NDI Monitor can not be distributed in the App Store, and you will need to download it directly from Sienna.tv



To get the NDI|HX Version of NDI Monitor, fill out the form to get the Free Sienna NDI Tools for Mac.


If you have any questions, please contact info @ sienna.tv


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