signal orchestration Glue for NDI


AES67 To NDI Convert any SAP Announced AES67 Stream to NDI  
AES67 Sender Generate an AES67 Stream with SAP Announcement from NDI  
PTPv2 Reader Extracts PTPv2 Clock to feed into AES67 Sender Module  
Audio Limiter Peak Limiter with Threshold, Hold, Release and Attenuation Display  
Audio Splitter 4Ch Create up to 4 x NDI Mono Audio Channels from 4Ch NDI  
Audio Splitter 8Ch Create up to 8 x NDI Mono Audio Channels from 8Ch NDI  
Stereo Splitter 4Ch Create up to 4 x NDI Stereo Audio Channels from 8Ch NDI  
ARC Aspect Ratio Converter - Updates NDI Aspect Metadata  
Audio Selector Derive Video + Stereo from Video + MultiCh, selecting Chans  
Audio Input Feed OS Audio Drivers into NDI audio  
Audio Output Feed NDI audio into OS Audio Drivers  
Sync Delay Delay Video and Audio by up to 5 Seconds with LipSync Offset  
Bug+Audio Inserter Insert PNG File with size and position, plus optional Audio Mix  
Distribution Amp Simple DA to take connection load from Source into Engine  
Audio Embedder Replace Audio in NDI Stream with Alt Audio  
Failover Switch Fail Between 2 NDI Sources based on Availability  
Frame Sync Cleans up NDI Jitter and other faults  
Downstream Keyer Key NDI Fill and Key over Primary NDI Source  
Picture In Picture Insert NDI as PIP with Sizing and Positioning  
NDI Analyser Display NDI Statistics in Real time, Timecode, Type, Jitter etc  
Up Down Converter Scale to 1080 or 720 Sized Image  
Weblink NDI Video to HTTP Bridge  
Audio DeEmbedder Extract Audio Only NDI Stream  
Audio Delay Delay Audio by up to 5 Seconds  
SAP Publisher Publish Selected SDP File to advertise services   
IP Stream Connect Convert RTP, TCP, HTTP, UDP, RTSP, RTMP Streams into NDI  
NDI Destination Public NDI Endpoint for Signal Chain  
NDI Source Connect Select any Public NDI Source to enter Chain  
Signal Generator Color Flow Test Pattern in variety of Sizes and Frame Rates  
UDP Streamer Publish NDI as UDP H.264 / AAC Stream  
RTPStreamer Publish NDI as RTP H.264 / AAC Stream  
Loop Video Player Looped playback of Video file as NDI Stream  
Multiviewer 2x2 Simple Quad Split Viewer  
YouTube Live Streaming Publisher  
NDI Monitor Local A+V Monitor  
Waveform Monitor Local Audio Waveform Monitor  
SRT Transmit SRT Protocol Wrapper for UDP Streams  
SRT Receive SRT Protocol Unwrapper for UDP Streams  
SRT Reflector Relay incoming SRT to a remote SRT Receiver  
Dynamic DNS Automatically update Dynamic DNS service for this machine  
Mumble Server Mumble global intercom server  
Graphic EQ 10 Band Audio Graphic Equaliser  
Mumble Link Connect NDI in and out of Mumble Server  
Midi Interface MIDI device to NDI-MIDI Converter  
Multiviewer 4 Pro Pro Multiviewer 2 x 2 with Audio Meters, Tally, Labels, 1280x720  
Multiviewer 4 Pro FHD Pro Multiviewer 2 x 2 with Audio Meters, Tally, Labels, 1920x1080  
Multiviewer 4 Pro UHD Pro Multiviewer 2 x 2 with Audio Meters, Tally, Labels, 3840x2160  
Multiviewer 9 Pro Pro Multiviewer 3 x 3 with Audio Meters, Tally, Labels  
Multiviewer 10 Pro Pro Multiviewer 2 + 8 with Audio Meters, Tally, Labels  
Multiviewer 16 Pro Pro Multiviewer 4 x 4 with Audio Meters, Tally, Labels  
Multiviewer 18 UHD Pro Multiviewer 16+2 with Audio Meters, Tally, Labels, Info panel  
Source Multiplexer Multiplex Video and up to 8 Mono Audio into New NDI Stream  
Mapping Mixer Powerful Matrix Audio Mixer  
Meterbridge Pro 8 x Source Stereo Audio PPM MeterBridge with History  
XDCamHD Recorder Edit-During Capture NDI to MXF Recorder XDCam HD 50  
Media Player Play common video files as Basic NDI Stream with Audio  
Profanity Delay Delay with reaction compensated MUTE of video and audio  
CG Engine HTML5 CG Renderer  
Digital Clock Text Based Clock  
Studio Clock Graphical Studio Clock  
Text Ident Quick single text block for overlay  
OB Vision Mixer 6 Channel + Key Vision/Audio Mixer  
AI Mix AI Automix Controller (for Video Follows Audio)  
Alpha Embedder Combine Fill and Key Streams, or embed PNG Alpha  
2D DVE Scaling and Position of Video Box with Alpha  
Metadata Interchange Insertion and Extraction of NDI Metadata  
Virtual CameraCrew 4 Ch Pan Scan PTZ Virtual Cameras  
Chroma Key Chroma Key with Fill and Key outputs  
NDI Intercom Server 4/8/16 Channel NDI Intercom with Gates and Compressors  
NDI Compliance Recd 24/7 MP4/AAC recorder with window burn and MAM link  
UDP Compliance Recd 24/7 H.264 Native Codec recorder with MAM link  
pSf to Interlaced Half height, double rate pSf to Interlaced video  
Video Splitter 2x2 Quad Split Video Wall Splitter  
Video Splitter 3x3 9-way Split Video Wall Splitter  
Video Splitter 4x4 16-way Split Video Wall Splitter  
NDI to SRT Convert NDI to MPEGTS SRT  
SRT to NDI Convert SRT MPEGTS to NDI  
SiennaLink TX Send NDI to SiennaLink Receivers - inc RemoteMonitor on 4 platforms  
SiennaLink RX SiennaLink Protocol Receiver to NDI  
Motion Detector OpenCV based motion detector for pre-record triggering  
GPI over NDI GPI-NDI Interface module for JLCooper Ebox