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ND Processing Engine


Signal Orchestration Glue for NDI


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Current Modules :

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AES67 To NDI Convert any SAP Announced AES67 Stream to NDI X  
AES67 Sender Generate an AES67 Stream with SAP Announcement from NDI X  
PTPv2 Reader Extracts PTPv2 Clock to feed into AES67 Sender Module X  
Audio Limiter Peak Limiter with Threshold, Hold, Release and Attenuation Display X  
Audio Splitter 4Ch Create up to 4 x NDI Mono Audio Channels from 4Ch NDI X  
Audio Splitter 8Ch Create up to 8 x NDI Mono Audio Channels from 8Ch NDI X  
Stereo Splitter 4Ch Create up to 4 x NDI Stereo Audio Channels from 8Ch NDI X  
ARC Aspect Ratio Converter - Updates NDI Aspect Metadata X  
Audio Selector Derive Video + Stereo from Video + MultiCh, selecting Chans X  
Audio Input Feed OS Audio Drivers into NDI audio X  
Audio Output Feed NDI audio into OS Audio Drivers X  
Sync Delay Delay Video and Audio by up to 5 Seconds with LipSync Offset X  
Bug+Audio Inserter Insert PNG File with size and position, plus optional Audio Mix X  
Distribution Amp Simple DA to take connection load from Source into Engine X  
Audio Embedder Replace Audio in NDI Stream with Alt Audio X  
Failover Switch Fail Between 2 NDI Sources based on Availability X  
Frame Sync Cleans up NDI Jitter and other faults X  
Downstream Keyer Key NDI Fill and Key over Primary NDI Source X  
Picture In Picture Insert NDI as PIP with Sizing and Positioning X  
NDI Analyser Display NDI Statistics in Real time, Timecode, Type, Jitter etc X  
Up Down Converter Scale to 1080 or 720 Sized Image X  
Weblink NDI Video to HTTP Bridge X  
Audio DeEmbedder Extract Audio Only NDI Stream X  
Audio Delay Delay Audio by up to 5 Seconds X  
SAP Publisher Publish Selected SDP File to advertise services  X  
IP Stream Connect Convert RTP, TCP, HTTP, UDP, RTSP, RTMP Streams into NDI X  
NDI Destination Public NDI Endpoint for Signal Chain X  
NDI Source Connect Select any Public NDI Source to enter Chain X  
Signal Generator Color Flow Test Pattern in variety of Sizes and Frame Rates X  
UDP Streamer Publish NDI as UDP H.264 / AAC Stream X  
RTPStreamer Publish NDI as RTP H.264 / AAC Stream X  
Loop Video Player Looped playback of Video file as NDI Stream X  
Multiviewer 2x2 Simple Quad Split Viewer X  
YouTube Live Streaming Publisher X  
NDI Monitor Local A+V Monitor X  
Waveform Monitor Local Audio Waveform Monitor X  
SRT Transmit SRT Protocol Wrapper for UDP Streams X  
SRT Receive SRT Protocol Unwrapper for UDP Streams X  
Midi Interface MIDI device to NDI-MIDI Converter   X
Multiviewer 4 Pro Pro Multiviewer 2 x 2 with Audio Meters, Tally, Labels, 1280x720   X
Multiviewer 4 Pro FHD Pro Multiviewer 2 x 2 with Audio Meters, Tally, Labels, 1920x1080   X
Multiviewer 4 Pro UHD Pro Multiviewer 2 x 2 with Audio Meters, Tally, Labels, 3840x2160   X
Multiviewer 9 Pro Pro Multiviewer 3 x 3 with Audio Meters, Tally, Labels   X
Multiviewer 10 Pro Pro Multiviewer 2 + 8 with Audio Meters, Tally, Labels   X
Multiviewer 16 Pro Pro Multiviewer 4 x 4 with Audio Meters, Tally, Labels   X
Source Multiplexer Multiplex Video and up to 8 Mono Audio into New NDI Stream   X
Mapping Mixer Powerful Matrix Audio Mixer   X
Meterbridge Pro 8 x Source Stereo Audio PPM MeterBridge with History   X
XDCamHD Recorder Edit-During Capture NDI to MXF Recorder XDCam HD 50   X
Media Player Play common video files as Basic NDI Stream with Audio   X
Profanity Delay Delay with reaction compensated MUTE of video and audio   X
CG Engine HTML5 CG Renderer   X
OB Vision Mixer 6 Channel + Key Vision/Audio Mixer   X
AI Mix AI Automix Controller (for Video Follows Audio)   X
Alpha Embedder Combine Fill and Key Streams, or embed PNG Alpha   X
2D DVE Scaling and Position of Video Box with Alpha   X
Metadata Interchange Insertion and Extraction of NDI Metadata   X
Virtual CameraCrew 4 Ch Pan Scan PTZ Virtual Cameras   X
Chroma Key Chroma Key with Fill and Key outputs   X
NDI Intercom Server 4/8/16 Channel NDI Intercom with Gates and Compressors   X
NDI Compliance Recorder 24/7 MP4/AAC recorder with window burn and MAM link   X
UDP Compliance Recorder 24/7 H.264 Native Codec recorder with MAM link   X
pSf to Interlaced Half height, double rate pSf to Interlaced video   X
Video Splitter 2x2 Quad Split Video Wall Splitter   X
Video Splitter 3x3 9-way Split Video Wall Splitter   X
Video Splitter 4x4 16-way Split Video Wall Splitter   X