SocialPreview for Adobe Creative Cloud


SocialPreview is a plug in for Adobe Premiere Pro,  After Effects, Character Animator which transmits the live edit canvas window as an HTML compatible video-only stream. Any web browser on any device on the network can connect to SocialPreview and view the Premiere/AE/CA edit video.


An essential tool for previewing social media edits on iPhones, iPads, Android etc as you edit, ensuring that graphics are legible and content fits nicely.


The Video stream is very low latency, in perfect sync with the audio coming from your computer monitors. Quality is very high, and there is a setting allowing you to scale the video down to deal with poor wifi connectivity when previewing on cell phones.


SocialPreview is your 'broadcast monitor' for a new generation of content creation - supporting not only regular 16x9 aspect ratios, but also new formats exclusive to social media, such as 9x16 (portrait HD) and square formats.


SocialPreview is available from Global distributor DVEAS