Sienna VSControl is an interface server which allows Sienna AutomationX to control Omneon's Spectrum and MediaDeck video servers. The control mechanism uses Omneon's ethernet based protocol, and Sienna is the only Mac-based automation system to control Omneon via this superior interface.

Automatic functionality
Media is automatically transferred to Spectrum or MediaDeck via Sienna MediaServices, as part of an automated Sienna workflow, Sienna can also automatically remove media from the Omneon server when the Sienna asset is deleted.

Play during transfer
Sienna is able to copy media from your production storage volume to the Spectrum or MediaDeck storage in a special mode which allows AutomationX to initiate playout from an Omneon server whilst the transfer is still in progress - essential for live news.

Technical Note
Using VSControl, up to 6 Omneon channels are supported per AutomationX system