Sienna Basic Workflow Overview

Each Sienna site is different, but there are many common features which help understand the primary workflow.
In this diagram, we see the NRCS Text Flow on the left and the Sienna Video Flow on the right. These represent the Journalist and the video production workflows respectively.

NRCS - left side Here we start at the top with ideas and stories in, and this eventually results in a MOS driven news rundown for a bulletin at the bottom, using the standard NCS text-oriented workflow.

Media - right side Here we start at the top with incoming video content, which is ingested with PictureReady under automation of IngestControl, and stored on the shared storage, with the video files available to view and edit during ingest.
In the middle we see the Edit and MAM components. All ingests are registered (during ingest) with the OriginOne Media Asset Management system and the NLE video edit systems with StoryCut can then access the media and produce packages, which are delivered back to shared storage and similarly registered with the MAM.
The OriginOne layer also presents the media assets as MOS Objects to be viewed as proxies and linked into the MOS NCS rundown. The Rundown is also sent back to OriginOne so the playlist and the stories can interact with the media editorial workflow.
Finally in the lower right section we see the MOS rundown delivered to air using AutomationX driving a set of VirtualVTR baseband playout channels.