Sienna FileFlow is a 24x7 Automated Media Check-In Server for
Advanced File-based Broadcast Workflows.

The most basic functionality of FileFlow is to act as a folder watcher for incoming file-based media submissions. However, as you might expect from Sienna, FileFlow takes this concept many stages further, adding intelligent, scriptable behaviours, transcoding, automatic proxy generation and much more with a robust server-based system.

XML Sidecar Support
When discovering new Media files, FileFlow also detects companion XML sidecars commonly used for metadata exchange when integrating products from different vendors. XML Sidecars have also become a standard part of the new generation of File-based agency feeds from Reuters, AP, CNN and more. Sienna FileFlow can automatically extract important metadata from the XML Sidecars and use that to accompany the media files as they are checked in. An important feature in FileFlow are the script plug-ins which allow integrators or broadcasters to create custom scripts to parse any kind of XML sidecar regardless of its structure. Example scripts for Reuters. AP and others are provided. During check in FileFlow automatically files the media into your daily Sienna folder and generates a proxy.

Reuters NewsML
Check-In Demo
Hear all about it...

Pure Metadata Ingest
FileFlow can also be used for pure metadata ingest, picking up XML files from a watch folder and in a supervised process, handing this data to a custom script for processing, before moving the file onto another folder or deleting it. This mechanism can be used for real-time logging with 3rd party tools like Dixon Sports, or any system which can generate XML files with a reference to an existing asset in Sienna.

Powerful Scripting
Today's File Based multi-platform workflows are becoming more and more diverse, requiring flexibility when receiving and delivering content between systems. FileFlow uses the AppleScript language to provide completely customisable workflow for integrators and broadcasters. Whatever your infrastructure or ambitions, Sienna FileFlow can provide the framework for a perfect solution, working exactly the way you want it to. Broadcasters all over the world are already finding that FileFlow is the skeleton key to unlock sophisticated and efficient workflows previously considered impossible to automate.

Example data flow : BBC London