AutomationX provides live assist playout automation for your Sienna workflow. Using Sienna IP Protocol running over ethernet, AutomationX controls multiple VirtualVTR channels, to deliver your finished show smoothly and reliably.
AutomationX can receive MOS running orders from the News System via OriginOne, and uses the embedded metadata in the MOS objects, to locate video media resources on your shared storage. Playlists can also be created manually. Using the Bonjour protocol, AutomationX automatically detects available VirtualVTR channels, simplifying setup or reconfiguration. During playout, AutomationX cues up the required QuickTime media in the Sienna VirtualVTR playback machines, and controls A/B play-out according to the running order, whilst directing switchers or routers with GPI, TCP/IP or RS422 instructions. Events in AutomationX are clearly displayed in an ergonomic GUI, presenting important information in a clear and uncluttered view.

When driven by a MOS News System, the events are automatically grouped into stories, offering story context to each event. Playback items can be marked as ‘Pause’, ‘Chain’, ‘Loop’ or ‘Scheduled’ allowing flexible playout. AutomationX also feeds back live MOS item status information to your News System. The GPI and Switcher control options allow playback events to trigger switcher changes or other external events, using TCP/IP, GPI or RS422, and returned tallys from a switcher, allow AutomationX to efficiently and safely manage re-allocation of playback channels as they come off air.

AutomationX also allows direct control of VirtualVTR transport for manual control, to force early channel release, and even to drag QuickTime assets direct to the playback channel for ‘Late Breaking News’. The Playout Control Window includes a slow scan video thumbnail for each playback machine, further enhancing situational awareness when the pressure is on. Multiple AutomationX systems can exist on a single Sienna network, to offer playout of multiple rundowns or playlists.

AutomationX provides an expandable automation framework which will grow with you into the future.