ImpulsEdit is a web based assembly tool integrated with the Sienna MediaSearch asset management system. Offering an elegantly simple and intuitive interface, ImpulsEdit offers cuts editing of Sienna Proxy media over http connections in qualified web browsers.
ImpulsEdit offers a concise toolkit for proxy assembly of media, including the ability to set clip audio levels. It uses an simple timeline mechanism with video displays representing the timeline, and the selected source clip.

All the functionality of ImpulsEdit can be performed from a set of JKL style keystrokes, and it also supports the Contour Shuttle Pro desktop control device. As well as a point and click editing paradigm, ImpulsEdit also supports on the fly trimming directly in the timeline for extremely rapid top and tail of clips, and an automatically shuffling timeline to close up any gaps.

ImpulsEdit requires no setup and very little training to use. It is available as a web service from any part of your Sienna Infrastructure, even in wide area implementations where it can be used to remotely edit content which resides in a different continent. This remote editing process is particularly important when ImpulsEdit teams up with Sienna's MOS Redirection, allowing a user to cut a set of rushes which exists on one side of the atlantic, before transferring just the conformed Hi Resolution package over the long distance connection.

ImpulsEdit is the perfect complement to a Sienna MOS News Infrastructure, a remote Sienna Sports Infrastructure, and even as a tool for a Sienna based transmission workflow, where ImpulsEdit's simple model can be used to rapidly remove or insert commercials, split a long movie into segments or join together promo or commercial blocks, all without an unneccesary trip through a craft edit suite.

Once your package or rough cut is ready, there are 2 simple options. The first is to deliver the edit directly back into the system where Sienna will instantly conform the Hi Resolution media to match and your finished package is ready to air. It can even fill a MOS placeholder in an active rundown directly from ImpulsEdit. The other delivery option is a single click to transfer the ImpulsEdit proxy timeline into a High Resolution Final Cut Pro sequence. Within a second your edits will be in place in Final Cut, with audio levels from your rough cut, ready for a craft editor to finish off before the final delivery to air.

ImpulsEdit is not just a simpler editor, compared to opening Final Cut Pro - it also has additional integration capabilities for specific workflows. An example is ImpulsEdit's support for 'edit from archive' - this amazing facility allows you to add archived media assets into the ImpulsEdit timeline (without restoring them) and edit just as if they were online, using the archive proxies. Having selected the portions of your archived assets which you need, and cut them in with any already online assets, you simply publish the timeline as normal. Sienna ImpulsEdit automatically performs a series of true partial restore operations, one for each edit, followed by the sequence compilation, and in just one mouse click you will have your mixed archive/online sequence published and ready to air.