For larger installations, the Sienna IngestControl offers a multichannel networked remote control panel, which connects up to 15 PictureReady ingest channels from a single remote computer desktop. Multiple IngestControl stations can be added for larger ingest facilities.
The IngestControl panel, features a slow scan video thumbnail for each ingest channel, allowing the user to monitor all incoming feeds from one screen. Forming a central ‘Multimedia Coordinator’ station on your Sienna network,

IngestControl also allows you to control any of PictureReady’s attached VTR’s. In addition to basic capture control and monitoring, IngestControl includes multi channel automated record scheduling, with a router control option, allowing captures from specific sources to be scheduled in advance, and automatically performed. Sophisticated integration with Sienna RouterControl allows pop-up routing changes directly from IngestControl, and also a 'follow me' monitor on the router which tracks the machine currently selected, delivering a feed for a companion broadcast video monitor.

Metadata can be entered for each capture from the IngestControl interface, and other functionality for multicam capture is included, such as ‘gang roll’ of multiple channels simultaneously. In multicam mode, Sienna IngestControl gathers scene and take metadata and automatically embeds this into the media, the asset and also an automatically generated XML stack for instant multicam editorial in Final Cut Pro.