Sienna MediaServices is a companion server to complement OriginOne, performing a range of advanced storage and media
processing tasks for more sophisticated infrastructures. The main functions offered by MediaServices include Archiving, MOS Redirection, Transfer to Air, and Web Publishing - all performed silently and automatically as part of the seamless end to end Sienna media infrastructure.
The Archiving function performs rule-triggered copying of Sienna media assets from live storage to mounted volume archive storage (spinning disk or disk to tape). As the archive completes, the database pointers for the archived media are updated to point into the archive, thus allowing proxy playback directly from the archive, and automatic restore using redirection.

MOS Redirection is a powerful mechanism allowing automatic global media sharing between Sienna equipped sites. With a MOS Redirection compatible News System such as ENPS, stations in different cities or different continents can seamlessly exchange news stories. With MediaServices, this exchange goes much further, allowing video packages to automatically copy between locations, following on behind the news stories. Simply dragging a news story from a rundown in one city, to a run down in another city, triggers an automatic media transfer, invisibly updating the embedded media in the copied story, to ensure that it becomes local for playout from the destination server.

For stations wishing to isolate production storage from master control playout storage, MediaServices performs an automated transfer to air process, copying media between the PCR and MCR servers, using rules embedded in the OriginOne delivery points.

MediaServices includes Automatic Web Publishing technology, which dynamically builds an HTML representation of your emerging rundown and publishes it to an internal, or a public web server. The HTML Rundown includes the stories, JPEG thumbnails and even proxy video making up your rundown, and is automatically updated whenever things change in the News System. Users can define their own corporate look for the HTML frame and embed it into a larger station web site, adding web-facing new media values to your newsroom, with zero manual intervention.