The Sienna System consists of a number of software modules, each performing a specific role.
The system offers the broadcaster a cost effective, flexible and scalable installation.
SiennaTARO combines software and hardware.
Central Data hub, including MOS Gateway and Asset Management
Baseband ingest system with real time proxy generation
MOS driven live assist
playback Automation
On-Air QuickTime Video Playback Channel
Capture Management - Multi Channel Remote Control
Scheduling & Status Monitoring for PictureReady Systems
Sienna control for large scale routers, delivering networked router services
System Services
Advanced Infrastructure Tasks
including Archive, Re-direction, Web Publishing, Transfer to Air
On screen macro grid for one click logging of sports or live events
Omneon Spectrum / MediaDeck control module for AutomationX
Web based cuts edit
and assembly tools
24X7 Automated Media
Check In Server
Final Cut Pro Edit integration client, with MOS Story display
Card based Ingest for tapeless workflow, software and hardware panel