SIENNA, the Cutting Edge System for News Production, Sport, Live Event and Mutli-Camera Television Production
If you are looking for the most Technologically Advanced System for your Productions, look no further, and let us introduce you to SIENNA.
Sienna Integrates seamlessy with Apple FCP, Adobe Premiere Pro, AP ENPS, Avid iNews, Omneon Spectrum, Ross Overdrive and many more...

Sienna for News Production
The complex field of Newsroom automation and distributed media has been dominated by the MOS protocol in recent years. MOS allows a standardised connection via TCP/IP between news management and media infrastructures, creating an interactive data exchange between the text news workflow, and the video media ingest, editorial and play-out systems.

In the past MOS connectivity has primarily been a feature of proprietary format video servers and specialised news edit products - however, with the rise of QuickTime as a primary media format, and the popularity of Apple's Final Cut Pro editing system, the News World is changing, and the reality of an end-to-end digital media workflow for News, leveraging reliable, Unix based Apple Macintosh computers and QuickTime video, has arrived.

SIENNA is a family of technologies realising an efficient and fully integrated QuickTime and MOS based news workflow, designed to be utilised with MOS News Systems such as ENPS, alongside a Final Cut Pro based QuickTime media infrastructure. Sienna offers unprecedented functionality, for a complete and efficient workflow, with performance and capabilities exceeding traditional systems costing many times more.

Sienna supports ENPS, Inception, iNews, Octopus and OpenMedia NRCS Systems.

As well as the Sienna AutomationX system, we support the Ross Overdrive production automation system. As well as the Sienna VirtualVTR playout channels we support the Omneon Spectrum and MediaDeck servers, these products can be mixed and matched freely.

Sienna is used by, amongst others, the Assoicated Press, BBC, FOX, Sky, for News Production.
Many leading Educational establishments choose Sienna for their Journalism faculties.

Sienna for Sports & Live Events
Sienna offers a powerful object based workflow for live sports and events. Real time ingest with edit-during-record is a fundamental part of Sienna's infrastructure. Sienna also offers a range of logging options, including web based logging using proxy video. Logged events are automatically pushed into Final Cut editors as markers, with the ability for FCP to subscribe to an object - this makes the object automatically update in the FCP browser as new markers are logged, or metadata is changed. There is a choice of playout systems including Sienna AutomationX with Sienna VirtualVTR or Omneon, or the Hi Tech Systems ActivFiler, controlling Sienna VirtualVTR via VDCP.

Sienna's powerful archive integration works seamlessly to provide automatic archive, automatic restore on demand, and even true partial restore, with native Quicktime media, from LTO libraries, when integrated with Xendata middleware.

Sienna for Multicamera Television Production
Sienna is used by a by production companies making long running, 5 day week airing soap operas and other serial television dramas, the systems powerful ingest architecture and metadata management have made it the perfect chioce for multicam production.
Shots are gang rolled with metadata injected centrally from an intuitive, film-style metadata interface.
Scene, take and other metadata are inserted during recording, and are available through the asset management system and into Final Cut Pro. The vital Scene and Take information is inserted once during capture, and is automatically propogated and maintained all the way through into the Final Cut Pro browser's scene and take fields.

Sienna for Transmission
Sienna's native QuickTime ingest and playout systems, plus its fantastic asset management and archive integration, make it possible to extend a news or sports production workflow through into transmission. Integration with Final Cut Pro or Sienna ImpulsEdit, allows simple top-and-tail and commercial removal functions, as part of your transmission media preparation. Whilst Sienna does not offer transmission playlist automation functionality, it is smoothly integrated with products from Pebble Beach, and others, via VDCP, for a seamless end to end transmission workflow.