Sienna PictureReady unlocks the potential of QuickTime as a real time architecture for news and other live action, by facilitating real time replay and editing of content, ‘as it is recorded’. PictureReady forms the record channel of your modular video server, whilst Final Cut Pro is your editorial station, and VirtualVTR is your on-air playback channel. You can freely add as many record, edit and playback channels as you like, provided you have sufficient bandwidth available..
Within the Sienna PictureReady application, you can create ‘Action Hilites’ - instant subclips of points of interest (with metadata), which are immediately delivered to OriginOne for use throughout the Sienna infrastructure & the attached News system.

Sienna PictureReady 4.0 now features VDCP control for integration with transmission automation systems.

PictureReady, includes the revolutionary ProxyPerfect Technology and features a TCP/IP connection to the OriginOne data hub. ProxyPerfect ® delivers real time proxies whilst PictureReady captures, thus allowing instant proxy editing, or low data rate remote browsing of incoming video feeds.

PictureReady integrates seamlessly with OriginOne to deliver MOS video objects to the News management system as soon as recording begins, and the video objects link to both high quality and proxy versions of the video material. News systems can then playback the Proxy video directly from the news client. PictureReady records from live video feeds with separate LTC timecode, or with 9-pin control of a deck, capturing QuickTime movies in your choice of QuickTime formats including DV25, DV50, DVCProHD, IMX and others. Capturing direct to your shared storage, PictureReady can perform very long captures without stopping, whilst you review, log or edit the incoming picture.