The Sienna ProductionPalette is an on-screen floating panel that is loaded with predefined templates of sporting keywords or team member names - as customized by the user. It can also run on an iPad* screen making a perfect touchscreen logging companion.
ProductionPalette offers loggers one-click short cuts when entering metadata. Using the floating panel ensures correct spelling and consistency of terminology - the ProductionPalette is a valuable time saving device especially when logging fast action sports. The Sienna ProductionPalette can be used in conjunction with various Sienna logging components, including the Sienna Web based logging screen, Sienna PictureReady, Sienna VirtualVTR and Sienna IngestControl.
Grid layout templates can be created using simple tab delimited text grids prepared in Excel, or XML based templates compatible with EVS logging systems. Grids can be enhanced with alpha keyed graphics, colors and styles for more engaging grids

Multiple grids can be on screen at the same time, for example, one for football specific keywords - Foul, Goal, Tackle etc, & 2 more grids for the team players in the current game.
*iPad operation uses 3rd Party Air Display Utility