Sienna RouterControl, connects Sienna infrastructures to large scale routers. This module of Sienna offers centralised control of large scale routers, using ProBel, GVG, BMD and NVision protocols.Sienna RouterControl includes Client & Server software.

Sienna RouterControl allows control of large scale routers in three areas of the Sienna infrastructure :-

Inside IngestControl
This allows the ingest schedule to automatically select a specific router source per scheduled item routing, to one of up to 15 PictureReady ingest channels.

In Craft Edit Seats
Sienna RouterControl Client is a multi source, XY router control panel, giving every FinalCut Pro editor restricted control of the router from their FCP desktop.

Inside Automation
Non video events inserted in the run down, can control the router, as part of a run down, for workflow customisation.