Sienna StoryCut Embedded into Premiere Pro CC

StoryCut also features seamless integration with Adobe Anywhere

Sienna StoryCut can also be be tightly integrated with Adobe Premiere Pro CC, where ist appears as a panel within the Premiere application. StoryCut presents full access to the MOS Story text, as well as allowing drag and drop import of media from the Sienna Media Asset Manager interface. After editorial is complete, the PUBLISH button allows editors to seamlessly deliver their edits into the Sienna MAM with a single mouse click. Media export and proxy generation takes place in the background, freeing the Premiere interface to get on with the next task.

Sienna is also fully compatible with Adobe Anywhere, and the user experience in side Premiere with StoryCut is *identical* no matter if the media is being edited locally in a Premiere Project, or remotely in a Premiere/Anywhere Production. Clips are added by dragging in from the Sienna MAM interface, and media is published directly from the StoryCut Panel, without need to use any other interfaces.

Sienna is fully compatible with a range of MOS NCS systems, providing the same user experience inside Premiere or FCP whether your organisation is using ENPS, iNews, Octopus or OpenMedia.

StoryCut adds MOS Story functionality to NLEs including Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro 7 and Final Cut Pro X along with seamless Sienna media integration. This Module allows the craft editor to browse the News System running orders and stories (via OriginOne), and then view the story text whilst editing video.
The WordLink® technology inside StoryCut, links the timeline position in Final Cut with the text of the story, automatically highlighting the story word which relates to the timeline position. This allows editors to easily match video running time with story duration. Of course, StoryCut automatically updates when the story is changed in the News System, and uses presenter read-rate information, to ensure accurate pacing of the story text. Wordlink is available with FCP7, and Premiere Pro CS6 Implementations.
StoryCut features a pop out assets drawer from which media objects embedded into the stories by the News System can be dragged directly into the Final Cut timeline. Users can also search the OriginOne media database from the assets drawer, locating items by ‘Name’, ‘Description’, or ‘Last 24 hours’. The News System can embed a ‘Kit of Parts’ into the story, comprising rushes, subclips, graphics or any other Sienna objects, and these will travel with the story and appear inside the assets drawer of StoryCut, ready to form the basis of the craft edit. Once the package is complete,

StoryCut presents a simple dialog to the user for delivery of the package in to News System placeholders. The ‘Deliver to Sienna’ function avoids the need for the user to know anything about the storage, since the target save location is provided automatically from OriginOne using the Delivery Point system.

The user simply selects which Delivery Point they need - eg ‘Finished Packages’, ‘Promos’, ‘Web’ etc, and enters a name and description for the package.
If the story contains a MOS placeholder, StoryCut will prompt the user to deliver the finished package into that placeholder, sending the item directly to its predefined location in the running order.

StoryCut automatically generates media proxies during delivery, following the Delivery Point instructions from OriginOne. StoryCut includes functionality enabling remote Field Journalists, to automatically upload finished packages and proxies via FTP, directly from the Final Cut Pro application. This module also includes revolutionary ‘Dynamic Graphics’ functionality, which automatically generates titles intelligently, using MOS metadata to create instant straps & slates, with story specific content.

StoryCut with FCP7