News: Added support for NewTek IP Series

Sienna's extensive TriCaster integration brings full automated production control within the reach of any news or sports broadcaster.

Automated Production Control
Sienna forms a sophisticated media asset management, edit integration and automation layer between TriCaster and MOS newsroom systems including ENPS, Inception, iNews, Octopus, and OpenMedia. With the NCS, producers can prepare a very complex news bulletin, including packages, vision mixer operations, virtual set camera moves, audio mixing, and on screen graphics. This rundown is then driven step by step in the Sienna AutomationX live-assist system controlling TriCaster. Works with: TriCaster Mini TriCaster 8000 TriCaster 860 TriCaster 460 TriCaster 410

Tectonic Shift In News Automation
Sienna and TriCaster integration is a tectonic shift in the News industry, delivering fully automated production control with a price point an order of magnitude less than traditional systems. Delivering MOS driven control of Video, Audio, Vision and Audio mixer control, graphics and camera moves, Sienna unlocks the true potential of TriCaster for sophisticated live news bulletins.

More Information
Read more about Sienna TriCaster integration in this white paper

Technical Note
Sienna is used by many of the world's leading News broadcasters. AutomationX has traditionally controlled discrete vision mixers, CGs and robotic cameras. With TriCaster integration, all these elements are now available in one unit.

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Click here for an example video fully automated by Sienna and TriCaster (no audio). Images courtesy BBC News