instant ip audio format conversion - aes67 to ndi

The AES67 to NDI Gateway includes an SAP listener function to automatically detect any multicast AES67 sources on the network, and automatically publish an NDI version of each source.


The NDI Sources are visible to all NDI applications on your local area network, but no processing takes place until one or more NDI applications connect to the NDI source, at which point the AES67 to NDI engine starts up a low latency, transparent translator between the AES67 source and the new NDI stream.


When all NDI applications release the source, AES67 to NDI will once again hibernate that source, keeping it offered to all NDI users, but consuming no processing load.


This seamless mechanism provides one-click, instant connectivity between your AES67 audio devices and your NDI Devices.


The AES67 to NDI Gateway is an included standard module in the NDI Processing engine product and is also available as a stand alone product (for macOS and Ubuntu).

AES67 information

The AES67 specification does not define the discovery mechanism to be used between devices, and this is the primary focus for compatibility testing.  The two main techniques are SAP - where a block of SDP data which defines the source - is published by each AES67 sender, and RTSP which uses mDNS (bonjour) to advertise an rtsp stream which happens to also be an AES67 stream. In the case of rtsp, the SDP data is then retrieved from the rtsp device using a query.


There are 6 major classes of AES67 devices:


- Native AES67

- Dante AES67

- Ravenna AES67

- Q-Sys AES67

- Livewire+ AES67

- Wheatnet AES67


Apart from Native AES67, all classes are essential extensions to an existing, typically proprietary audio over IP protocol, added to bring universal compatibility. AES67 is a pie section which becomes common to all the protocols and via this common format they can communicate with other classes, whilst maintaining non-AES67 compatible communications within their own set of devices. The common standard for AES67 is 48 samples per packet, 16/24 Bit, 48kHz, and up to 8 channels per stream.


Note that not all proprietary audio over IP devices can integrate via AES67. In particular, only a subset of the Dante based devices can work in an AES67 mode.  The other Dante devices are not able to speak AES67.

Testing Matrix

AES67 to NDI Gateway is a native AES67 device. It is a receive only device, so results below are for receiving AES67 from 3rd party systems.


The list below shows the compatibility with the other major classes of AES67 implementation.


Generic AES67

NB: Tested using the RAV2SAP utility for discovery.

Tested with Hasseb AoE - WORKING


Ravenna AES67

NB: Tested using the RAV2SAP utility for discovery where no SAP publishing was available.

Tested with Merging CoreAudio Control Panel - macOS - WORKING

Tested with Merging HAPI - WORKING

Tested with LAWO A_Mic8 - WORKING



Dante AES67

Tested with DANTE AVIO in AES67 Mode - WORKING


Q-Sys AES67

 Not Yet tested.


Livewire+ AES67

Tested with AXIA xNODE in AES67 Mode - WORKING

Tested with AXIA IP Audio Driver in AES67 Mode (using RAV2SAP for announcement) - WORKING


WheatNet AES67

Not Yet tested.