macOS ndi cg system

GraphicArtist is a unique, HTML5 based computer graphics system. Leveraging the power of WebKit to render endlessly flexible and beautiful text, and graphics layouts, GraphicArtist brings the power of the web to modern CG workflows.


GraphicArtist CG templates are fundamentally HTML5 webapps, which can be authored far more easily than complex proprietary CG templates from traditional systems. Using a variety of 3rd party HTML editing software users can prepare sophisticated CGs which feature dynamic and intelligent behaviours, driven by Javascript.


As pages are rendered, they appear as a fill and key enhanced NDI video stream, available across your network to any NDI equipped receiver, such as NewTek TriCaster advanced edition. GraphicArtist can also output fill and key via compatible BlackMagic Design video interfaces.


GraphicArtist's main differentiator compared to a traditional CG system is the power of Javascript within HTML5 templates. Now its easy to create powerful and intelligent graphics which are self aware, can reach out and grab data from the internet, and self-assemble that data - all within the CG template.  There is no longer any need to setup multiple tiers of data - the CG template can retrieve the data directly from its source, as the CG Renders.