ND INTERCOM (discontinued)

native NDI intercom for iPhone

This unique app turns your iPhone into a push to send, and simultaneous receive intercom, using the NDI Protocol.


Simply launch the app and a new NDI service will be registered on your network with your PTT audio stream. You can lock down the PTT with the headphone button or a screen swipe. This allows other network users to receive your intercom push to talk messages.


You can also monitor any NDI source on the network for director comms listen monitoring. NDI Access support allows operation across subnets and via VPNs.



Wired or Bluetooth Headsets are supported as well as speakerphone mode.


The app works standalone to connect to any NDI Source, and to create an NDI Source - you can connect point to point, or many listeners can monitor a single sender (ie the director).


For more power, combine NDIntercom apps with the Sienna NDProcessing Engine's Intercom servers to create party lines with mix minus and compression.