probel and BMD router emulation for NDI networks

When migrating a video facility from baseband SDI to IP Video, in many cases you will need to find equivalent technology for traditional functions.  A perfect example is the central facility video router - which connects all your video sources and destinations, and can be controlled from many places using hardware router panels, soft panels, and automation systems.


Sienna ND Router fills that requirement - providing a 1:1 equivalent to the traditional SDI facility router - but instead, routing NDI IP Video streams from sources to destinations. This provides a workflow already familiar to users. Sienna NDI Router offers instant clean switch routing of NDI streams with almost zero connection delay.


ND Router emulates a ProBel (SWP-08) or BlackMagic Design VideoHub SDI video router and allows control of your NDI systems with ProBel or BMD compatible router control systems, physical router control panels and automation.  It provides an infrastructure equivalent to a traditional SDI video router, leveraging your NDI devices on the existing network, but without any need to centralise signals.


ND Router is compatible with all NDI Devices and scales smoothly from a small system to a massive routing matrix. Since all signals are remotely connected at the NDI end points, no video data actually flows through the ND Router software - meaning no bottlenecks and no single point of failure for existing connections, plus ND Router only requires a modest computer system to run smoothly. ND Router can scale to almost unlimited sources and more than 2048 outputs.


In addition to NDI Source Routing, the ND Router  can also translate TriCaster, TC1 and IP Series tallys into broadcast standard TSL_UMD tally messages. Already in use by some of the world's leading broadcasters, Sienna ND Router is available today for macOS and Ubuntu Linux.


Another feature of the NDI Router is a bank of NDI Distribution Amplifiers (up to 64 channels), which can be used to support NDI Sources incapable of serving up many streams. Many PTZ Cameras and hardware SDI to NDI converters can only support a small number of connected NDI clients, and the NDI Router's distribution amplifiers can be used in line to protect and expand these devices to a wider number of connections.


A pair of NDI Routers can operate in a hot-hot fault tolerant redundant configuration with seamless failover and failback. For this mode, two licenses and servers are required.


NDI Router can also transparently route native MPEG Transport streams using the unique Sienna NDI Inferred Routing technology in the ND Processing Engine.


BlackMagic Design SmartControl Panel used to control NDI Routing

Skaarhoj Rackfly Uno Panel used to control NDI Routing

Powerful Web Based and tablet compatible XY Matrix control interface with video preview.

Emulation of BMD VideoHub allows the Sienna ND Router to be controlled by a variety of BMD Protocol systems including the BMD VideoHub Control app for iPad, BMD SmartControl Panels, and other BMD protocol solutions from Crestron, and most other router control systems.

NDI Router also allows you to create unlimited

custom web browser based panels, including video previews

NDI Router has easy to use web based configuration

LCD 2U Touch Panel Controlling Sienna NDI Router

Elgato StreamDeck Controlling NDI Router with Companion Software

Sienna ND Router being controlled by an industry standard VSM control system, routing 10 NDI sources to 4 NDI destinations using ProBel SW-P08 protocol.

ND Router relaying tallies from Tricaster, TC1 or IP Series via TSL_UMD
tally protocol to EVS / Axon Cerebrum

EVS / Axon Cerebrum control of the ND Router via Probel SWP-08 protocol

NDI Tally Landscape