lowest possible latency video link

for NDI remote monitoring, low latency contribution feeds and confidence output of cloud based production or remote edit NLEs

(supported NLEs inc. Adobe Premiere Pro and Avid MediaComposer)

SiennaLink is the lowest latency professional remote link on the market - period.

For applications where low latency and high quality stream reliability are priorities, there is nothing else like it.


Designed specifically for remote monitoring, SiennaLink has a unique blend of functionality and performance to deliver super low latency monitoring of an NDI source, along with stream protection and packet loss recovery. Combining a sender side application, and a range of receiver side applications for various platforms, SiennaLink is quick and easy to deploy with a zero cost license for client monitor receivers.


Typical applications include:

- Remote monitoring of cloud based production.  If you are vision mixing in the cloud, clearly super low latency monitoring is vital component.

- Remote confidence monitoring or review for non linear editors. For editors remotely connected to their NLE, or a producer wanting an 'over the shoulder' experience from another location, SiennaLink can feed the NLE's confidence video output to a remote monitor in a full raster, super low latency audio and video feed to a free client monitor on macOS, Windows, Linux, iPad or AppleTV.

- Remote low latency contribution. If you want the lowest latency professional quality video contribution for cloud or remote production, SiennaLink can carry a live camera (or other NDI source) across the internet with the minimum possible latency, delivering a production ready NDI stream at the receiver.


This unique and essential tool provides the missing link for Cloud based or remote Non Linear Editing. Whilst cloud based operations provide a wealth of benefits, and with a good connection like Teradici, the editing GUI can be great, most editors are still missing that crucial - full raster, smooth frame rate confidence monitor displayed on a big screen.


For redundant workflows the macOS, Windows and AppleTV versions of the SiennaLink Monitor client support failover between a redundant pair of remote SiennaLink servers.


SiennaLink RemoteMonitor features pass-phrase authentication with optional AES stream encryption.


SiennaLink Remote Monitor fills this demand with a high performance, yet simple, and effective tool. SiennaLink protocol is based on technologies found in Sienna's industry standard Cloud for NDI along with the SRT Protocol, SiennaLink Remote Monitor Server downlinks the canvas output from your Premiere or MediaComposer system and delivers it to the Remote Monitor client on your remote desktop computer, iPad or AppleTV 4k.  A dedicated monitor window provides you with instant high quality and very low latency video, and on desktop versions a local NDI Stream is also generated - to feed out to an SDI output if required.


In most cases there is no need to configure firewalls at the ground based location, making setup a 1-click operation. The SiennaLink Remote Monitor server can also trigger a dynamic DNS update, allowing for automatic discovery of the server by the client, even when using cloud services with dynamic IP allocation.


When operating in metered bandwidth environments like AWS, SiennaLink RemoteMonitor sends almost no data when the Premiere NLE is in pause, saving costs on outgoing bandwidth during thinking time and coffee breaks.


The Server has a sensible cost license and the ground based receiver app is free download for macOS, Windows & Linux - there is even an iOS version of the SiennaLink RemoteMonitor receiver  app and another for AppleTV


If you need a larger infrastructure solution for unlimited locations, and streams, take a look a look at SiennaCloud for NDI (NDI Cloud), or the other wide area network video connectivity in the Sienna ND Processing Engine.


There is a comparison of the Wide Area Video Networking Options here