for iOS and macOS apps

Please make sure that you update to the latest version software before troubleshooting. Currently you will need OSX 10.14 or later for the Mac apps

- earlier macOS versions are not supported.


NDI Metadata Standards

Standards Recommended Practices are detailed here


ndi hx

NDI | HX introduces some new considerations, and there is a dedicated page for NDI | HX issues here


ndi in general

Updated version of all our apps are available to address any issues. To be informed of updates in the Sienna NDI tools, subscribe to our news updates, by requesting the Free NDI Tools download.


ndi monitor

If you are trying to upgrade NDI Monitor from the Apple App Store and it wont let you authenticate with your own Apple ID (it stick on another ID), you need to first delete ALL copies of the NDI Monitor from anywhere on your computer, then do a fresh installation from the App Store or from the Sienna website at

See the dedicated page for NDI | HX issues here

If you see half of the window RED then its an obscure issue with certain AMD discrete GPUs - the solution is to install gSwitch and force NDI Monitor to use the integrated graphics GPU instead


NDI Monitor for iOS and tvOS

NDI Monitor requires very clean network connections, so moderate or poor wifi is likely to result in playback stalling. Use the sweet spot of high quality WIFI, or use a directional antenna, Best option is to connect with a lightning to ethernet adaptor.

Since iOS and tvOS 17, the OS has increased security and some additional parameters become important.  In the App Settings you will now find a parameter "NDI Device Name" - and this will be required to uniquely identify the NDI device. If you are using more than ONE of these apps on the same local area network you MUST edit the NDI Device Names on each device to make them unique, or you will find cross-connections taking place in the NDI Monitors which prevent them being independent.


ndi cam

The iPhone platform is powerful, but it's not a desktop computer. Consequently NDICam may not run at full HD / full frame rate in most cases. The Quality vs Speed slider provides a compromise between the 2 depending on your needs. Future versions of NDICam will include new developments in NDI which are expected to improve encoding performance and reduce network bandwidth. An important consideration when using NDICam is WIFI performance - NDI is a high data rate professional protocol which requires 50-100mBit of bandwidth. Most WIFI networks are capable of 50mBits (in ideal conditions) and more modern WIFI can do 100mBits (in ideal conditions) but there are many factors which can adversely affect WIFI performance and significantly compromise bandwidth.  WIFI congestion and interference is a common problem, particularly in locations where large numbers of cellphones are active with WIFI enabled (for example, in a Live event, or trade show). Using 5GHz Wifi can help with congestion since it is much less common so the frequencies are less polluted, alternatively try using a different Wifi Channel in 2.4GHz range. For critical environments, using a directional Wifi antenna can help significantly.


An alternative to a wifi connection is to use a wired ethernet adaptor for your  iPhone. This device appears to provide a consistent connection and eliminates wifi issues:  FOINNEX Lightning to Ethernet Adapter For iPhone/iPad



NDI ScanConverter

Old versions of NDI ScanConverter may crash if used on the new iMac 5k in full resolution.



NDI Source (BMD)

Many modern BMD devices support the Auto format detection mode - so for these devices, select the AUTO setting in the format menu. Older BMD devices require that you manually select the mode corresponding to the incoming video source.  In version 1.0 of NDISource a bug means that the wrong source is identified, so when using older BMD Devices, select the menu item ABOVE the format you mean to select.  This bug is fixed in version 1.1 an later of NDI Source which is available.  Due to the glitch in NDI, you may find that some recent versions of TriCaster and other NDI systems may cease to see the NDI Source output. The solution will be to further update those systems past the glitch when it passes shortly, or revert them to the earlier version, although a new version of NDI Source 1.2 is now available and works around the glitch from the other side.


Tested Devices

UltraStudio Mini Recorder (Thunderbolt)

UltraStudio Mini 4K (Thunderbolt)

UltraStudio 3D (Thunderbolt)

Decklink Duo 2 (PCIe)

Decklink 8K Pro (PCIe)

Other devices should also work - older devices which dont support auto format detection may need to select format in the menu.


NDI Outlet (BMD)

Tested Devices using Sierra 10.12.4 and BMD Desktop Video 10.9, also High Sierra 10.13.2 and BMD 10.9.10

UltraStudio Mini Monitor (Thunderbolt) - WORKING

Decklink Duo 2 (PCIe, inside MacPro Tower) - WORKING

NOTE: Version 1.21 broke support for Fill on Color mode with single SDI devices. Version 1.22 fixes that and will be available soon.


WebCam for NDI

The current version of WebCam for NDI supports 16-bit audio. If you are using a device like a new MacBook Pro internal camera, which offers 24-bit and 16-bit audio options, only the 16-bit audio menu item will result in audio being passed to your NDI device (even though you may see the application's meters moving with 24-bit audio selected).  Select a 16-bit PCM audio mode and all should be well.

Tested Devices using Sierra 10.12.4

Logitech C920 HD

Apple iSight on 2016 MBP 15"

most other AV foundation compatible devices should also work


SDI ScanConverter (BMD)

SDI ScanConverter can display windows and regions of interest which are not 16x9 aspect ratio.  In this case, its possible to output the remainder of the screen with black, white, green (for a chroma key) or alpha - which can deliver a proper fill and key with supported hardware.  When attempting to output with background set to alpha, note that you will need a DeckLink or UltraStudio which supports external keying (ie with a Fill and Key SDI Output).  In some cases the card will need to be configured.  For example - when using Duo 2 card you must set device #1 to select SDI 1+2 in order to support a dedicated fill and key output.  Note that when the card is in this mode, you may find that the other background modes result in a blank output.  So if you want Fill and Key, set the card up with 2 x SDI outputs, then select Alpha background mode in ScanConverter.  If you dont want fill and key, then set the card to a standard configuration and select the desired background colour in ScanConverter.


Tested Devices using El Capitan 10.11.5 and BMD Desktop Video 10.6.8.

Decklink Duo 2 (PCIe, inside MacPro Tower) - WORKING

Other devices should also work .


NDI GraphicArtist

When operating on retina display systems, turn on the 'open in Low resolution' box in get-info for correct operation


If you are still having problems which are not addressed here, you can contact  appsupport [at]