NDI Monitor


macOS NDI Desktop Source Monitor


NDI Monitor allows monitoring of broadcast NDI Sources using a desktop macOS computer.  Audio is also monitored, and sources with an alpha channel are keyed against a checkerboard background.


NDI Monitor automatically finds all NDI source on the local area network and adds them to the source selection popup menu.


There is also a checkbox to use a Low Bandwidth NDI connection to the source, and audio mute and a frame rate indicator.


NDI Monitor also features a URL Schema designed to support future workflows driven by MOS Automation. An ndi:// URL can be copied which is passed through automation workflows for later use by an NDI playout system or remote live link in news or sports production.


Standard NDI sources are available in all versions of NDI Monitor. However NDI HX sources are not compatible with App store sandboxing, so the version of NDI Monitor from the Apple App Store cannot connect to NDI HX devices.  If you require compatibility with HX devices, click here

NB: App Store Version

Does not support NDI HX


Click HERE for HX Support