ND Router

ProBel and BMD

emulation for NDI Networks


ND Router is a modular infrastructure to facilitate migration of SDI to NDI workflows, and to enable a new generation of NDI based facilities.


ND Router emulates a ProBel or BlackMagic Design video router and allows control of your NDI systems under the control of ProBel or BMD compatible router control systems, control panels and automation.  It provides an infrastructure equivalent to a traditional SDI video router, leveraging your NDI devices at source, without any need to centralise signals.


Treating your NDI sending devices as inputs and your NDI receiving devices as outputs, this unique software constructs a virtual router - controllable using the ProBel SWP-08 router control protocol or BMD Router Protocol - allowing existing automation systems and router panels to seamlessly connect NDI devices together using a familiar physical interface.


As part of a migration program from SDI to IP Video, ND Router can abstract the physical transport of video between SDI, NDI and other IP Video devices, to carry signals across your network rather than via runs of SDI, without affecting the user control experience which remains unchanged.


Using SDI-NDI-SDI interfaces such as Sienna NDI Source Multi, and Outlet Multi, NewTek's NC1, BirdDog studio and others, facilities can construct a decentralised and distributed video infrastructure which positions end points where they are needed without any need to route baseband video to a central point. All sources and destinations continue to appear within an emulated ProBel or BMD router, so operators, panels and automation can instantly link sources and destinations in a familiar way.


In addition to NDI Source Routing, the ND Router  can also translate TriCaster, TC1 and IP Series tallys into broadcast standard TSL_UMD tally messages.


Already in use by some of the world's leading broadcasters, Sienna ND Router is available today for macOS and Ubuntu Linux.


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BlackMagic Design

SmartControl Panel

used to control NDI Routing

This image shows the Sienna ND Router being controlled by an industry standard VSM control system, routing 10 NDI sources to 4 NDI destinations using ProBel SW-P08 protocol.

The ND Router also has a Web Interface providing the option to control routing from any webbrowser on any device on the network.

The image below shows the ND Router relaying tallies from Tricaster, TC1 or IP Series via TSL_UMD tally protocol to RossVideo Dashboard

The images below shows the ND Router relaying tallies from Tricaster, TC1 or IP Series via TSL_UMD tally protocol to Axon Cerebrum, and also showing Axon control of the ND Router via Probel SWP-08 protocol

Emulation of BMD VideoHub allows the Sienna ND Router to be controlled by a variety of BMD Protocol systems including the BMD VideoHub Control app for iPad, BMD SmartControl Panels, and other BMD protocol solutions from Crestron, and most other router control systems.

Another integration example, using the ND Router's BMD VideoHub emulation,

this time with the open source and cross platform V-Control system. This integration took less than 5 minutes to configure.