NDI / NDI|HX Monitor application for building x86 Ubuntu Mini-PC based appliances for HD or UHD


NDI Endpoint for Infrastructure Building

A common requirement in NDI Infrastructure design is a low cost, reliable and remotely administrated end point to output NDI to an HDMI Monitor or Projector. A great solution for this has been to use a Mini PC like a Beelink AP34 running Windows 10, and NewTek NDI Studio Monitor.  However, the need to run Windows compromises the simplicity of this solution and introduces many addtional support and admin considerations.


To address this, Sienna have created a native Ubuntu Linux full-screen NDI Monitor which runs smoothly on Beelink AP34 and other Intel CPU based mini pcs with similar or better performance. The app is very lean and efficient, and features a web interface for remote control of selected NDI Source.  Ideal for mass deployment by Approved Sienna NDI Systems Integrators this essential app fills in one more piece of the NDI Infrastructure jigsaw.


Since it uses the official NewTek Native NDI libraries, it offers 100% compatibility with NDI, NDI HX and future NDI updates and variations, unlike hardware based devices which feature limited format support and mixed compatibility.


It's also possible to chain monitors together so multiple monitors can be linked to a master monitor and will follow source changes made on the master monitor.


For sites looking for a centrally controlled routing and distribution system for NDI, this Monitor makes a perfect complement to the Sienna NDI Router - which can be controlled by Crestron, AMX, Extron and other controllers


NB: NDI Monitor is Only Available in packs of 5 and 10 licenses via approved Sienna NDI Systems Integrators.

This software requires a 64-bit x86 based processor (does not run on ARM based Ubuntu installations).






If you have any questions, please contact info @ sienna.tv



Beelink AP34/N41 are tiny, have Gigabit ethernet HDMI out, and can be powered with a POE Splitter. They have fast eMMC storage built-in with Intel graphics, and an Intel CPU which is fast enough for great performance with Full HD NDI stream playback.  Newer models such as Beelink N41 feature even better performance with the N4100 CPU. Ap34 features the Intel N3450 CPU - so any mini pc with that processor or faster versions and which can take Ubuntu installation should work. The Beelink N41 uses the Intel N4100 CPU which again can be found in many other products.  Any mini PC with a passmark of 2500 or more should also be appropriate for HD. The N4100 and J4105 seem to be a price/performance CPU sweet spot for these mini PCs.


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Device Testing Matrix:  16th March 2019


Device                                   CPU                SD                 HD            UHD30          UHD60

Passmark > 6000                  various            OK                 OK              OK                 OK

Beelink AP34                         N3450             OK                 OK              NO                 NO

Beelink N41                           N4100             OK                 OK              OK                 NO

Zotac CI321                           2961Y             OK                 NO              NO                 NO


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